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Owned by Yuya Toda, based in Japan, "IDLE MOMENT” is a tea business website which offers information about tea in Japan and world as well as sells tea and tea equipment online.

Its main propose is to study and explore about tea world for myself as well as share of them. I hope IDLE MOMENT arouses people’s sympathy and interest into tea world.

Fortunately while building the website, IDLE MOMENT, I've got many chances to meet people who I really respect and who participate in tea industry in many ways with passion and love for it.

It is extreme pleasure for me to meet and talk with them and share thoughts and value and even motivate each other and most importantly build good relationship with them.

Even though “IDLE MOMENT” is owned, designed and edited by Yuya Toda, it is made of a lot of support and cooperation by people from all over the world who are very talented and professional in each fields. We individually cooperate by exchanging what we have and what we need.

Working with Mr. Akira Hojo is very good example to explain how “IDLE MOMENT” works. Mr. Hojo is owner of HOJO TEA who has been teaching and introducing me about tea in various ways. It is like he is my master and I am his disciple.



HOJO CO., LTD. owned by Mr. Akira Hojo is tea company which sells carefully selected very high-quality tea as well as tea equipment.


Born in 1971 in Japan, he studied Agricultural Chemistry in college and Food Science and Nutrition in graduate school.

He has worked in Japanese food industry for 10 years, first as R&D Manager, later Factory Manager for the Malaysian subsidiary of a Japanese spice and herbs manufacturing company before he started HOJO.

With his very unique background, he analyze and produce tea from a scientific viewpoint. His writes blog in Japanese and English which is worth seeing and already popular within tea lover all over the world.

HOJO has two sale offices, Japan and Malaysia. Now, Mr. Akira, as a CEO spends his time half in Japan and half abroad in a year to manage sales in Japan and Malaysia while he goes abroad to purchase tea and tea equipment by himself.

It is very honored that I (Yuya Toda) am currently working on HOJO website to renewal as well as building English online site to expand their business worldwide while I get a lot advise for what I need to build successful tea business.